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Drake & Tarryn - Bonus Content

-Tarryn's POV-

"You know that song, the one that goes 'summer after high school when we first met'?" I sung the lyrics softly and threaded my fingers through Drake's, snuggling closer into the curve of his arm. With my head resting against his hard chest and the breeze blowing the scent of a portable grill hard at work towards us, all felt right in the world. Even though it shouldn't. Because our world was about to get turned upside down again.

We were both soaking wet, having just swam from the lake shore and onto the floating dock. This time, we were actually wearing bathing suits. Mostly because my parents were the ones turning over hamburgers and hotdogs only a few hundred feet away. This was sort of a last hurrah before the big change happened.

"Yeah, I know it." He danced our hands in the air, making them rise and fall as if poised atop invisible waves.

"This is going to end. I leave in a week, Drake." Whispering the words, I felt the pangs of the inevitable sadness bolt through my chest. There was no stopping what was coming. We were both too smart for that.

Two different colleges. Might as well be two different worlds.

"We can do long distance. I have faith in us." Drake had been saying the same line all summer. It felt hollow now.

"Maybe if we were in the same state, or even on the same side of the country. But Stanford may as well be across the world, Drake."

"It's not a big deal, Tarryn." He brought our hands down and kissed my knuckles sweetly. "Have you forgotten I'm rich?"

"Have you forgotten that you're supposed to be paving your own way? Not using your family money until you take over the company? For all intents and purposes, you're not rich anymore, Drake. You're... well, you're ordinary. Like me."

"I couldn't be like you if I tried, Tarryn." He sat up, lifting me with him. I automatically turned and readjusted to sit crisscross in front of him. He cocked a leg up, hanging his arm lazily over it, as he stared at me. "You're too good. I'm only sort of good by association."

"Stop, you always act like I'm perfect." I reached forward and punched him softly in the shoulder.

He made a fake pain face and rubbed the spot. "You are perfect, Square. All four sides the same length, ninety degree angles all around. Absolutely perfect."

"Drake, I love you, but if you aren't going to use your family's money, and I don't have any money to jet back across the country any time we miss each other, how are we going to do this?"

He held up five fingers and began lowering one at a time as he counted down ways for us to stay in contact. "Phone calls. Sexting. Dirty letters. Video chats on the computer. We can get one of those glow lamps that changes colors when the other person touches it."

"Why are you more romantic than I am now," I laughed, closing my eyes and lifting my face towards the warm summer sun.

"I was always more romantic than you." His voice carried to me.

"You mean you always had more sex than me. That's an entirely different thing." I smirked, without opening my eyes to look at him.

"I'm not sure you can make that claim anymore." A gentle touch traced across my calves. I did open my eyes now, finding Drake's beautiful blue eyes stormy with need.

"I think I still can. I mean, every time we're together is another notch in your belt at the same time. To make it even, I'd have to go find some other boys to have fun with. Hmm..." I tapped my chin. "Who do you think would be available? Sasha and Steve are on a break, but I can't imagine banging him. I mean, not just because Sasha would be upset."

"Hey!" Drake laughed out, laying down on the dock suddenly so he could dip his hand into the water and splash me.

"Oh, you've asked for it now." I jumped up, diving into the water and coming back up for air so I could get payback.

"Kids! Food!" My dad's voice interrupted.

"Saved by the hotdog." Drake grinned, standing up and diving in too. He cleaved through the water with ease, halfway to the shore before I even started following.

Drake made me happy, but he was in denial. Long distance relationships were doomed from the start. Even I, with little experience, knew that.

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So will there be another book to continue Drake and Tarryns story

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