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Roxanne Rogers has spent her entire life thinking she wasn't good enough. It doesn't help that her older sister has basically been the most popular person in town since birth. Literally.


Born on the 100th Anniversary of Sugar Creek's founding, Maggie was front page news. When Roxanne was born two years later, there was no fanfare. She was chucked into a car seat and carted off to one of Maggie's many, many beauty pageants. Seriously. Toddler beauty pageants. It's a thing.

They're not kids anymore though, and Roxanne has grown into her own. She's curvy, sassy, and plus size model material. Yet, she's still eclipsed by Maggie--who's now the beloved town Pediatrician and still gorgeous to boot.

But when Dax Gilbert-- Maggie's ex and Roxanne's longtime crush-- cruises back into town, the tables turn. And for once, someone only has eyes for Roxanne.

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